Our Philosophy

Although Ju-Jitsu was developed almost 400 years ago, it’s basic intentions remain unchanged. Through Ju-Jitsu, an unarmed Samurai would be able to defend himself against both armed and unarmed opponents.

Unarmed combat skills today have the same purpose: to protect oneself from harm against armed or unarmed attackers.

Whilst the primary focus of teaching at Jikishin clubs is based on unarmed self-defence, we also cater for those who wish to train in Ju-Jitsu as a sport, those who want to keep fit, and even those who just want to have fun while learning something new.

Our Training teaches timing, flexibilty. agility and knowledge of the body. When these are combined, the student learns the ability to control a confrontational situation as much as to prevent injury to the opponent as to protect himself.

Ju-Jitsu is a skill that lasts a lifetime. We not only train students to defend themselves, but also work on physical and mental development whilst having fun. Training is provided in a friendly environment. This provides the students with a better quality of instruction and allows them to develop at their own pace.

Although Ju-Jitsu is based on unarmed defence, the art of using traditional Japanese weapons is still practiced today. This is because it’s considered to be beneficial to our student’s skills base.